Buyers do not understand why the price of hardware prototype samples is more than 3 times the price of batch products, or even dozens of times?

Take this simple circular tube bend for example.
First of all, under normal circumstances, the factory has no stock of round tubes with an outer diameter of 35 mm and an inner diameter of 30 mm, which needs to be purchased separately, which is a waste of labor, and the material price is much higher than the usual batch purchase price.
Secondly, there is no ready-made circular tube bending mold, and only a circular tube bending mold of similar size can be used. Because the mold size is inconsistent, the machine cannot control the specific size of the product, especially the bending Angle, which not only requires a lot of labor and waste materials, but also the product produced may not meet the size requirements of the drawing.
In addition, since prototype samples are used to test and validate designs, higher precision and quality control are required to ensure product functionality and reliability. These factors lead to higher production costs for prototypes, but mass production can further reduce costs by increasing production efficiency through economies of scale, optimizing production processes, and mechanical automation. The production of prototype samples is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and it will affect the normal production of the factory, which is also the reason why the factory is reluctant to accept the order of prototype sample production.