About Us

Specializing in sheet metal manufacturing and CNC machining for nearly 20 years.—ODM/OEM

Rapid prototyping manufacturing and mass production.(Customers’ samples are inconvenient to display.)

Capabilities:CNC Machining,CNC Milling & Turning,Engineering & Design Services,Sheet metal Fabrication&Assembly,Laser cutting,Welding,Stamping,Spring & Wire Forming,3D Printing,Plastic Injection Molding,Blow Molding,Structural Foam Molding,Extrusions,Bent tube & Cone Tube…

We have two factories.

Zhongshan Fansheng Technology Co., LTD (Referred to as “Fansheng”)is committed to mechanical processing, in addition to mass production, but also to help customers design products and proofing.  The main products are automotive and mechanical equipment parts and according to customer demand design and production of mechatronics intelligent products.

Zhongshan Yisheng Metal Products Co., LTD(Referred to as “Yisheng”) is committed to sheet metal processing, the main products are network cabinet, intelligent display cabinet, electrical cabinet, medical equipment, mechanical equipment shell and various metal connectors and pendants.

To assist clients’ objectives for developing new products, and for our company’s new products,we created a  studio.

If you want to make your vision a reality as soon as possible, please contact us:
Email: alpshenzhen@outlook.com,     or  sale@1688mfg.com